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Audiobooks / 3-6 years

Cover for Li-madha sakata al-nahr

Li-madha sakata al-nahr

The title of the book is the title of one of the many short stories in this book. The author made everything around us talk. Not only animals are able to talk, things are able to t ...

Cover for Tufahah hatti al-dalil

Tufahah hatti al-dalil

Tuffaha is sure that Yasmina the parrot, her favorite bird, is hiding in the grass. But Yasmina says 'no' and asks Tuffaha to prove it. Can Tuffaha prove she is right?

Cover for Sahh al-nawm

Sahh al-nawm

In the beginning of spring, Tuffaha meets them who were asleep during winter. She misses the squirrel, the turtle, the hedgehog, the frog, the snail and even her bike! She misses c ...

Cover for Iftah ya Simsim aynayk

Iftah ya Simsim aynayk

Tuffaha and Semsem are playing a game with shapes. As they draw a square, a rectangle, a circle and a triangle they get other shapes as well. The most important one appears at the ...

Cover for Baqah zahr

Baqah zahr

This is a story about the jobs in a village and about the feelings that Tuffaha has for her mother, as she saved the last flower for her.

Cover for Thawb Tufahah

Thawb Tufahah

Tuffaha is puzzled, she doesn't know which color she should choose for the Eid's dress. Should it be red, yellow, green or...? Which color will she pick?(Synopsis explained: It's a ...

Cover for Tufahah tauddu lil-asharah

Tufahah tauddu lil-asharah

Tuffaha wants to count to ten using her fingers, but she can't. Therefor she heads out to the sunny fields and orchards that encourage her to learn how to count.

Cover for Azhar wa-ban alayk al-aman

Azhar wa-ban alayk al-aman

How will Tuffaha prove to the rabbit hiding in the grass that he is a rabbit? She knows, but he is stubborn and won't admit it. This is the story about a girl named Tuffaha and a r ...

Cover for Indama tahubub al-asifah

Indama tahubub al-asifah

This book is the story of a flower that stood to face the wind and challenges the blowing storm.

Cover for Aswat al-fusul

Aswat al-fusul

Each season of the year has its colors that make it special. In this book, the narrator doesn't tell us about what he sees with his eyes, instead he describes to us what he hears w ...