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E-books / Crime & Mystery

Cover for The Pawns Count

The Pawns Count

Set during the height of WWI, ‘The Pawns Count’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim is a classic story of international intrigue and espionage. Chemist Sandy Graham has discovered a new type ...

Cover for The Seven Conundrums

The Seven Conundrums

A trio of entertainers are facing ruin when an enigmatic man enters their lives and makes them an offer they cannot refuse. In return for guaranteed work, they must do his every bi ...

Cover for False Evidence

False Evidence

Soldier Herbert Devereux is dismissed and disowned after deserting his post to rescue his half-brother Rupert in the heat of battle. Court-martialled, banished and in disgrace, Her ...

Cover for For the Queen

For the Queen

First published in 1912 ‘For the Queen’ is a collection of short stories by prolific author E. Phillips Oppenheim. In classic Oppenheim fashion, themes throughout this collection i ...

Cover for The Avenger

The Avenger

Returning home late one night, bachelor Herbert Wrayson discovers a young woman searching his flat. After interrogating her it becomes apparent that she thought she was in the flat ...

Cover for The Devil's Paw

The Devil's Paw

Set during WWI, ‘The Devil’s Paw’ by E. Phillips Oppenheim is packed full of international espionage and intrigue. Entrusted with highly sensitive papers, Miss Katherine Abbeway is ...

Cover for The Survivor

The Survivor

The orphaned Douglas Guest has had a miserable childhood being raised by his strict and religious uncle Gideon Strong. Tired of his uncle and his rural existence, Douglas steals mo ...

Cover for The Court of St. Simon

The Court of St. Simon

Aristocrat Monsieur Simon is living in Paris, where he presides over a court specifically for the wrongdoers of society. Little does he know when he brings along the young Eugene d ...

Cover for The Betrayal

The Betrayal

In a remote English village, the penniless Guy Ducaine finds himself unwittingly drawn into a world of international espionage. When Ducaine encounters the explorer Colonel Mostyn ...

Cover for The Fate of a Crown

The Fate of a Crown

First published under the pseudonym Schuyler Staunton, ‘The Fate of a Crown’ is one of L. Frank Baum’s early adventure stories aimed at an adult audience. Set in the revolutionary ...

Cover for Daughters of Destiny

Daughters of Destiny

First published in 1906 ‘Daughters of Destiny’ by famous ‘Oz’ author L. Frank Baum, is one of the few adventure novels he wrote for adults. Set in Baluchistan, two rival cousins Ka ...

Cover for Grim Tales

Grim Tales

A short horror story collection titled 'Grim Tales' is exactly what you would expect from an author named Edith Bland, but her pen name E. Nesbit has quite another reputation so do ...

Cover for The Hillman

The Hillman

When beautiful actress Louise Maurel’s car breaks down in the middle of the countryside she is fortunate to find herself in the vicinity of the home of the Strangeways brothers. Th ...

Cover for Tales and Fantasies

Tales and Fantasies

‘Tales and Fantasies’ is a short story collection by much-loved Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson. Published posthumously in 1905, the collection included the farcical ‘The Mi ...

Cover for The Melody of Death 

The Melody of Death 

A 1915 short story by Edgar Wallace, ‘The Melody of Death’ is a thrilling crime story. A mysterious melody causes a young man to descend into mania whenever he hears the tune. Newl ...

Cover for The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz

When sixteen years John T. Unger leaves for a vacation with a wealthy school mate of his, he doesn’t know yet what he is about to encounter. His school friend’s family is not only ...

Cover for Söder om det sannolika

Söder om det sannolika

Det var inte så vanligt att krimjouren beordrades ut på trafikhändelser, men nu stod det där i regnet på den avspärrade bron och stirrade ner i det grumliga vattnet nedanför. Kenne ...

Cover for The Mystery Girl

The Mystery Girl

John Waring’s life has never been better. He has just been elected as president of Corinth University, and his engagement has been confirmed to an attractive local widow. Just as i ...

Cover for The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

The Middle Toe of the Right Foot

First published in 1890, ‘The Middle Toe of the Right Foot’ is a classic ghost story from famous American author Ambrose Bierce. A gruesome and horrifying murder has taken place. M ...

Cover for Anybody But Anne

Anybody But Anne

‘Anybody But Anne’ is the fifth in the ‘Fleming Stone’ series of detective novels by prolific author Carolyn Wells. Wealthy David Van Wyck has decided to become a philanthropist an ...

Cover for Feathers Left Around

Feathers Left Around

Murder mystery novelist Mr Curran is found dead in a locked room following a dinner party. The disappearance of his fiancé makes her the most obvious suspect – but there is more to ...

Cover for Raspberry Jam

Raspberry Jam

The eleventh in the Fleming Stone series of mystery novels by prolific author Carolyn Wells, ‘Raspberry Jam’ is one of the most popular stories in the series. Millionaire Sanford E ...

Cover for Spooky Hollow

Spooky Hollow

Homer Vincent lives in the beautiful house called Greatlarch in New England, with his wife and niece. Though outwardly the family appear to have a charmed life, the house is haunte ...

Cover for The Daughter of the House

The Daughter of the House

Published in 1925, ‘The Daughter of the House’ is the nineteenth book in the Fleming Stone mystery series by prolific American author Carolyn Wells. The owner of Langdene House is ...

Cover for The Luminous Face

The Luminous Face

Robert Gleason died of suicide. At least that's what he told his doctor when he called to inform him he had been shot. When his doctor arrived at his apartment though, it appeared ...